Gathering linen


In the moments between visitors, phone calls and household chores, I sorted, washed, and ironed  some odds and ends of indigo dyed linen fabric.

These are some of the leftovers from experiments and bits of fabrics I dyed and put away thinking I might use them in the future. They add up quickly.


 Yellow and indigo moon.


None of these are "perfect", but they're still pretty good.

Id like to be able to mimic these patterns!


Longing for a piano

Mom's piano

Sometimes the thing our life misses

Helps more than the thing that it gets.

- Alice  Cary

But I still long for a piano.



Delicious rain

Though all around us there seems to be plenty of rain falling, it's been dry and really hot here for a long time. Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed refreshing cool showers. For once, I didn't have to spend hours dragging the hose around!


Impatiens balfouri

The flowers are drippy and rejoicing

The Japanese indigo seems to have grown overnight.


 They even look great as they melt away




Today there are happy new flowers to take the place of the rain-soaked ones.




 I often receive customer requests for more green silks. This is always a welcome excuse to experiment with shades of yellow and indigo


 Sometimes the yellow comes from coreopsis flowers. Even the red ones give yellow dye.


Reaching naturally dyed green is intersting and challenging

It's so rewarding to see the different, (un-repeatable) shades!


Wool scarf...learning from mistakes


Today I tried making a felted wool scarf.  I've had a box of wool fleece waiting for a really long time.  After watching a you-tube video in which 2 ladies used a wool base for their scarves, I cut a strip of wool fabric as a foundation to start with.


Then I layered on a bit of roving. As it turns out, not enough, and not the right color.


Next the unwashed, uncombed dark brown locks and wool. The tips are sun bleached orange and yellow.


 It took hours to cover the whole piece with the dark wool




Summer is ripening


 Phlox has a sweet, somehow sad fragrance


To commemorate the end of July, I made a small harvest of Japanese Indigo leaves yesterday. . I dyed some silk organza.

Fresh indigo

I had a chance to do some fresh-leaf indigo dyeing yesterday. Sadly, my camera is misbehaving and I couldn't take pictures of the whole process. 


I don't know any other way to get these colors without fresh indigo leaves


It's a real summer treat!



Selenicereus grandiflorus


Selenicereus grandiflorus

After several years, the selenicereus plant has bloomed!.


The buds are quite interesting.  They start out as a fuzzy white spot on the stem, then grow to look like a rabbits' foot.


 The flower bud pushes through the fuzz and elongates. To the immature mind, this can be a great source of silly laughter...:)


A little more dignified...


Some white showing through


Almost ready


Like fireworks! 



 So far, July has been packed with projects and flowers

 Indigo and cochineal shibori scarves


Hand-spun silk yarn dyed with  woad

More Naturally dyed embroidery silks




June 29

June 29 is my younger brothers' birthday. 


Climbing Westerland rose

The garden is celebrating with me!


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