November 7 2023


 Madder roots

I dug up some of the madder roots that have been creeping toward the neighbor's yard. This part of the patch has been growing for over 10 years. 


These were very easy to chop with the garden clippers. I'll let them dry for a while, but it's hard to wait!


October 27 2023


Beautiful cherry and redbud leaves.


Serviceberry leaves


Coreopsis and Bright Lights cosmos blossoms

Silk dyed with coreopsis and cosmos flowers




November 26

 Chinese lantern


The plants had to come in early this year. They don't love being indoors, but at least they're alive.


Mikweed pods have burst open.

A little indigo





Snow began to fall on Halloween morning. 

The leaves have started falling , creating a lovely carpet under the serviceberry. (Never mind the bits of trash....:)

In just one day the world seems to change!


November 2

November has arrived suddenly!  It's been gorgeous - chilly and fresh, and tonight there may be a little snow. I've been rushing to plant hundreds of tulip and daffodil bulbs before it gets really cold.


There's so much to be done that I can hardly begin. One thing I have gotten done is to sort through some of the giant collections of silk scraps. Above is a little of the walnut dyed vintage silk.


Scraps of indigo dyed silk

Inspiration on the ground.



After all of the Thanksgiving visiting and joy, it's time to get back to normal.

The days have become soft and gentle again. I finished planting the daffodil bulbs!

I'm still working on emptying the silk fabric storage baskets. Since I'm so busy with dyeing all the time, they fill up  fast.

Winter has fallen!

Most of the peach tree leaves have fallen straight down without changing color.

Hiding in the leaves

 The temperature fell to 17 overnight. The rhododendon is a good weather gauge - it really shrivels in the cold.

The first snow has fallen. As usual, I'm in the middle of an indigo dyeing project. The cold complicates this a little - mostly it's just less pleasant to work outdoors.

There are still dozens of daffodil bulbs to plant. Winter is beautiful, but I'm just not ready yet.



It was quite cold this morning, with beautiful yellow sunlight.

Sparrows warming themselves on the windowsill and mock-orange branches.

Maple tree in the neighbors' backyard

Late rosebuds

 Almost ripe

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