The morning glories are really getting good. I planted a lot of different types this year. I don't remember all of their names - I wrote them down somewhere. I'm pretty sure this dusty pink one is "Chocolate Silk".


the blue speckled one is smaller, but I love the starry points. I also love the color of the larger blue one, but the slash in the side makes these seem sort of incomplete.


This type is very tough - the first to start blooming and each morning new blooms appear on these vines.


The white one is a new one to bloom this morning. 



Visiting spider 




The spider on the white flower, such a great picture. I have so many spider webs in my yard right now. I walk with such diligence as to not walk into one.

laura bellel

Hi Tina!
There's nothing quite as icky as walking right into a web - especially if it's full of "victims".....Ugghh!

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