Undyed wool loops

Years ago, a dear friend shared a huge 5 pound bag of pure wool pot holder loops with me.. Little did I know at the time just how valuable and hard to find these would become. I dyed the loops with natural colors, and made potholders for gifts and for sale.

Since then, I've occasionally purchased a pound or two from Harrisville, though they were expensive and couldn't be ordered online. After a lot of searching and some disappointments, I was happy to finally find someone with a stash of un-dyed wool loops. These are 100% wool, with no nylon "seam". I had to splurge!

Shades of lac

I love how eagerly the wool soaks up natural colors.

Orange shades from coreopsis flowers

Dark indigo and lac pink

One of my favprite combinations

 Indigo shades

Lac and indigo

To me, the loops were worth the price...:)

Some finished pot holders




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