I really love old Indian block printed textiles and keep my eyes open for them at yard sales, estate sales and second-hand shops. Sometimes it's hard for me  to use these fabrics, just because they're so beautiful. Then I ask myself if I'm waiting until I'm 150 years old before I dare to use them?!!!?

I allowed, (forced), myself to use some of these wonderful fabrics and yesterday morning I took a few pictures of what I've made so far.

This has become a pair of pillow covers. There are elephants, horses and soldiers marching along.. This fabric was in the center of a wonderful old block print bedspread.

This was part of the border of that bedspread.

The natural colors have held up wonderfully!

Glorious Red! 

There are many more of these amazing textiles awaiting my scissors, needle and threads. Time waits for no one - I've got to get to work.



I stop and look at these every time I am on your site! They are beautiful.

laura bellel

Oh Tina, Thanks for the encouragement! You are the best...:)
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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