Selenicereus grandiflorus

After several years, the selenicereus plant has bloomed!.


The buds are quite interesting.  They start out as a fuzzy white spot on the stem, then grow to look like a rabbits' foot.


 The flower bud pushes through the fuzz and elongates. To the immature mind, this can be a great source of silly laughter...:)


A little more dignified...


Some white showing through


Almost ready


Like fireworks! 


 The next morning. See the new  little bud in the background?




Seriously my favorite of your flowers. I still have the picture you sent me from the previous year.

laura bellel

The blooming of these flowers will always be a major celebration to me. My kids have grown up with me announcing "the cereus is going to bloom tonight", so often that it doesn't seem like a big deal to them, but I'm always astonished...:)

Poppy Weber

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