Lately, the rain has been steady.. Explosive thunder, gushing downpours, then soft dripping from the branches.


This weather isn't so good for taking pictures of textiles outdoors, but it's perfect for working in the garden if you don't mind being soaked.

 The water does wonders for the garden

The alley is a lot better after a good wash.

The houseplants are rejoicing in the rain after the long, dry winter indoors

The water encourages the seedlings.

Somniferum poppies

Reflecting the elm tree

Rainwater is lovely for rinsing away excess indigo




What a brilliant way to talk about the rain. What is the interesting house plant that looks like a string of green pearls?

laura bellel

Thanks Tina!
Your observation is correct - the common name for this plant is "string of pearls". I believe the official name is Senecio Rowleyanus. It's one of my all-time favorite plants, especially since it's so easy to care for and propagate.

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