Since May, I've been picking pansy flowers and saving them in the freezer. At first I kept individual colors in their own bags - purples and blues together, yellows and oranges in their own bags, etc..Lately, I've just been stuffing them all together so now I have to separate them.

A few fresh blue pansies  for the brew

There are mostly purples  and blues in this jar, but since I wasn't very careful. there are a few bits and pieces of pinks and yellow flowers

Yellows and oranges

To test the colors.I added a tiny scrap of mordanted silk organza to the yellow and a bigger scrap to the purple jar

Color spilling from the purple petals

The purple petals began to release gorgeous blue green color almost instantly


The yellow ipetals are taking a bit longer to release their color

 Interesting that the color picked up by the silk is pale green, not purple or blue.

I'll leave these to soak a little longer.



I love seeing this, it makes me smile

laura bellel

Thank you! I loved watching the color seeping down out of the pansies.
Strangely, the dye isn't purple or blue - it's green.

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