II've been dyeing silk threads in colors inspired by the velvety shades of  petunias

Combinations of lac, logwood, madder and indigo

 The milkweed flowers have begun to bloom. The air is filled  with their heavy sweetmess. The tender, muted pinks seemed like the perfect color for some handspun wool yarn I've been saving.

Milkweed  (Asclepias syriaca)

Handspun wool yarn soaked overnight in alum.

For the last few months I've been washing and spinning the wool from 10 different  raw fleeces. I lost track of my labeling, and don't remember which one this wool came from, but it's very soft.

Dyed with leftover lac and tea. It's not quite the same as milkweed blossoms, but it's good.

The garden is why I have to dye.




These colors are beautiful, both the garden and the yarn.

laura bellel

Thanks Tina!
These days, natures' colors are like jewels!

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