A lot of honey bees have been visiting the garden lately. They love the Impatiens balfourii.


 An interestings thing is that they always arrive in the late afternoon and hang around until a little after sunset.


 The really interesting thing is that they don;t go inside the flowers like other bees. They grasp the tail end of the flower and seem to drink nectar from this part.

I wondered if these flowers contain a drop of sweetness at the end like honeysuckle flowers. My daughter taste- tested this theory and found that indeed, there is a drop of nectar in the very bottom, golden part of the "spur".


 Do these honey bees pierce the flower to reach the sweetmess?

Paying attention and wondering are the best prices for learning.




Hi there tony


These bee pictures are looking awesome and good photography has made them look more beautiful. It is the taking of the photographer which has totally changed the presentation of these picture as per canadian writings review . His patience can be seen over here where in that huge garden he was able to shot the honeybees good pictures.

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