Morning sun and snow on the garage


 A couple days later...the roof caved in and the sides fell out!  Not very surprising, but still amazing.....Called the insurance company.  We'll see what's next.


 Indoors, the orchids are happy. This lovely slipper orchid has been  in the family for at least 15 years. I've decided to make myself like and learn about orchids, even though they're weird, stiff, and can be expensive.


 These moth orchids are new from the grocery store.


 This oncidium is making new growth.  I don't know what variety it is.


St. Valentines Day flowers.



I had some orchards but could not keep them going. I don't really know what happened, they went dormant and never came back. These are beautiful!

The garage! WOW, I hope things work out for you soon!

laura bellel

Thank you! Yes, orchids do seem a bit tricky. I'm trying to learn more about them, but have many more questions than answers.
The garage has been taken away, and now that empty space looks like a weird rubble filled planet!

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