August 29

Moms'  Birthday

Goldenrod  (Solidago)

My Mother was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 29 1930


I miss her every day.



In some ways, August feels hectic and difficult. School is about to start. When my children were younger, it included the stress and expense of shopping for school supplies, bookbags, uniforms, and shoes. With 10 children, this was a big deal!

Annoying, insects, (fleas, pantry moths, yellow jackets, fruit flies and mosquitoes), seem to increase, multiply and  thrive in August. Maybe they know their time is growing short.

Fresh Indigo

Basket of Japanese indigo leaves

One of the nicest things about growing indigo is dyeing with the fresh leaves. It's a quick summertime treat. The colors are different from vatted indigo. The shades are greener, like robin eggs, turquoise, or mossy water.

Strained dye

Dyebath, rinse water, and leftover leaves

Little particles of indigo leaves in the rinse water

Silk embroidery threads

Organza silk before the final rinse

After washing and rinsing

Wool Pot holders

Undyed wool loops

Years ago, a dear friend shared a huge 5 pound bag of pure wool pot holder loops with me.. Little did I know at the time just how valuable and hard to find these would become. I dyed the loops with natural colors, and made potholders for gifts and for sale.