Organza Silk Fabric 12 Pieces Naturally Dyed Silk in Shades of Blue Green Yellow Orange Red Brown Assorted Plant Dyes 14"x 32" to 20"x 24"


This listing is for 12 pieces of naturally dyed silk organza fabric.
*These hand dyed silk fabrics have some small spots, and areas of uneven color.*
They measure between approximately 14" x 32" and 20" x 24".
The colors include
Two shades of blue dyed with indigo
Two shades of light green dyed with coreopsis flowers and indigo
Light yellow dyed with marigold flowers
Orange dyed with madder roots
Three shades of red dyed with madder roots
Dull blue-purple dyed with logwood shavings
Two shades of brown dyed with walnut hulls

This fabric is very sheer - transparent when flat, but it shows the naturally dyed colors beautifully when it's folded or scrunched.
It has a crisp, stiff texture, which softens with use.

These fabrics are perfect for layering, fabric flower making or any textile art project to add a touch of lovely, natural color.
I recommend hand washing in cool water with mild soap or shampoo and line drying in the shade to preserve the delicate luster and color of the silk.
They may be carefully ironed with low heat.

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