• moon flower vine
  • moon flower vine
  • moon flower vine
  • moon flower vine
  • moon flower vine

Moon Flower Vine 15 Seeds Large Fragrant White Flowers on Climbing Vines


Moon Flower Vine (Ipomoea alba), is a wonderful annual vine.

The large, fragrant flowers unfold in the late afternoon and remain open all night.
Near the end of the growing season, on cool days, the flowers often stay open most of the morning.
This is a marvelous addition to the "white garden", or "moon" garden.
The most lovely backdrop for a summer evening garden party!

This listing is for 15+ seeds. (I always include extra seeds, just in case!)

The big, golden and ivory colored seeds are very easy to start once the weather has warmed to around 70 degrees, especially if you soak them for a few hours before planting.

I prefer to start them in small pots and carefully transplant them to their permanent spots after they have their first "true" leaves.
This gives me more control over keeping the seeds moist and protected.

The vines can reach about 10 feet, and produce loads of sweet-scented beautiful blooms.
I have grown them in large pots and in the earth with spectacular results.

(All of the seeds I offer have been organically grown in my own backyard. Every photograph is taken in our garden.)
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