• indigo shibori patchwork quilt
  • indigo shibori patchwork quilt
  • indigo shibori patchwork quilt
  • indigo shibori patchwork quilt

Indigo Shibori Quilt Hand Quilted Patchwork Quilt


This quilt was pieced from beautiful cotton fabrics hand dyed by me with natural indigo.
The solid light and dark blue patches alternate with patches I created with shibori designs.
I spent many happy days working with my indigo pot to obtain the beautiful blue shades and shibori designs for this quilt.
Countless hours were spent piecing and hand quilting these fabrics to make this unusual quilt.

The indigo dyed fabrics in this quilt are strong, soft, and of excellent quality.
Many of these are vintage cottons, embossed with delicate floral or geometric patterns.
This adds texture and depth to the beautiful shades of indigo blue.

This quilt measures approximately 57" x 76".

I hand quilted many different designs into the patches of this quilt.
Included are snowflakes, sunflowers, daisies, dogwood leaves, moons, stars, geometric and abstract patterns, and a spiderweb.
Just for fun, and to add a bit of motion, I scattered milkweed seeds here and there on the face of this quilt.
These are hand stitched with pearl cotton.

I used two layers of natural cotton batting for a comfortable weight and drape.
The back of this quilt was pieced from solid and floral purple cotton fabrics.

*Please note that my quilts are not "factory-uniform".
*There are imprecise seams and stitches.
*This quilt was made entirely by me with natural indigo in my dye pots, my trusty sewing machine, hand stitching and much love!

*I've done my best to show the true indigo blue shades of this quilt.
*Please remember that each computer monitor displays color in its; own way.
*If you would like to see more photos of this quilt, please just send me a message.

Although the natural color is fast, I recommend washing in cool water with mild soap on the gentle cycle.
This will preserve the luster of the hand dyed blues as well as the hand stitching.
Line dry or tumble dry with low heat.

This quilt has been a joy to create!