• Blue jean log cabin quilt
  • blue jean log cabin quilt
  • Blue jean log cabin quilt

Blue Jean log Cabin Quilt with Handstitched Milkweed Seeds


This unusual quilt is pieced from dozens of pairs of blue jeans.
The design is an off-center variation of the traditional log cabin arrangement.
This creates the illusion of dark blue circles and light blue diamonds.

The colors range from pale blue to deep midnight blue.
The backing is a plum colored cotton sateen fabric.

All of the fabrics used in this quilt have been recycled.

This quilt has a polyester batting for loft and lightness since blue jean quilts can be pretty heavy already.
It is lightly machine quilted along seam lines for durability.

I've scattered hand-stitched milkweed seeds across the face of this quilt.

The measurements are approximately 45" x 58".

This tough little log cabin quilt is perfect for a smaller bed, to toss on the couch, or to take along camping.

The material is really strong but soft.
I've made many blue jean quilts for family, friends and for sale. They have held up to lots of rough treatment and maintain their beauty and strength as they mellow through the years.

This quilt may be washed and dried by machine.

***Please Note***

Although technical precision and perfectly matched seams are my goal, they are not the main focus of my quilts.
I aim primarily for vibrant, expressive colors, rich textures, interesting designs and durability.
Still, practice makes perfect, and since I'm always at work on a quilt, I expect that one day I'll create straighter seams and more perfect stitches!