SOLD Indigo Blue and White Vintage Cotton Tablecloths Natural Plant Dyed Imperfect Woven Textured Table Cloth Hand Dyed 50" x 50" and 50" x 60"


These vintage cotton tablecloths were hand dyed by me with natural indigo.
The fabrics are medium- heavy weight, woven cotton.
***Both of these table cloths have imperfections.***

The vintage cotton tablecloth on the left was woven with a raised squares design.
It is mostly white with a geometric indigo blue pattern.
It measures approximately 50" x 50".
*It has areas of uneven dye and some slight yellowing and discoloration.*

The vintage cotton tablecloth on the right has an interesting woven pattern of raised, textured squares.
I dyed it with natural indigo , using a stitched shibori design.
*There are some imperfections, a few broken threads, and uneven areas of indigo color.*
It measures approximately 50" x 60".

These could be used for covering small tables, picnic blankets or the fabric could be used for imaginative textile projects.
I've done my best to show the true indigo and white shades.
Please remember that each computer monitor displays color in it's own way.