• morning glory seeds mix
  • morning glory seeds mix
  • morning glory seeds mix
  • morning glory seeds mix
  • morning glory seeds mix

Morning Glory Seeds Purple, Pink and Violet Flowering Vines


This is a mix of gorgeous purple, pink and lavender flowered morning glory seeds.

Since the flowers in my garden have been "open- pollinated", there may be some unusual surprises in the color and form of your morning glories.

Enjoy the adventure!

Every day brings a new show of delicate , beautiful blooms.

The flowers are truly "glorious", opening early each summer morning,and closing as the day heats up. In cool weather, the flowers often remain open all day.

Morning glories are very easy to grow.

You can plant the seeds directly in the earth once the temperature has warmed and all danger of frost has passed.

Soaking the seeds for an hour before planting helps germination.

They may also be started early indoors in pots and gently transplanted to the garden or you can grow them in large containers.

I prefer to start them in small pots and carefully transplant them to their permanent spots after they have their first "true" leaves.

This gives me more control over keeping the seeds moist and protected.

Just remember that they are climbers and need support.

Morning glories are annual vines, but, if permitted, will reseed.

This listing is for 30+ mixed purple morning glory seeds. I(I always include extra seeds, just in case!)

I absolutely love these morning glories and I'm happy to have collected enough seeds to share some here!

(All of the seeds I offer for sale have been organically grown in my own backyard. Every photograph is taken in our garden.)

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