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Woad Seeds Natural Dye Seeds Isatis Tinctoria 25 Fresh Seeds


Woad, (Isatis tinctoria),is an ancient dye plant, used for centuries as a source for beautiful, natural blue color.
It is very easy to grow and is one of the most hardy of the indigo bearing plants.

Rinsing woad seeds with cool water before planting can help wash away germination-inhibiting chemicals and help speed sprouting.
Simply plant the large seeds directly in rich, well drained soil once the earth has warmed up in spring. Woad seeds may be started early indoors a few weeks early. Since woad grows a long taproot, transplanting must be done gently and carefully.

This listing is for 25+ seeds

Since woad can easily spread, you should harvest the seeds as soon as they're ripe to prevent it taking over your, (or your neighbor's), garden!
Please check your state's rules regarding this plant.

(All of the seeds I offer for sale have been organically grown in my own backyard. Every photograph is taken in our garden.)
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