Shibori Silk Scarf Purple Red-Violet Crepe de Chine Silk Scarf 9"x 54" Net Pattern Natural Maroon and Indigo Silk Scarf Plant Dye


This violet and indigo silk scarf was hand dyed by me with natural madder lac, and indigo dyes.
The natural colors are hard to describe, (and photograph), shades of red -violet and indigo.
These colors and the shibori pattern were achieved over the course of many days with a variety of techniques.
The design is a little like a net, fish scales, or marbled ripples of dark indigo blue along one edge on a ground of muted maroon-red-violet.

The fabric is lightly textured crepe de chine silk.
This naturally dyed scarf measures approximately 9" x 54"

This is one of my favorite designs.
Although I've used this technique many times, the result on each scarf or piece of fabric is completely unique.
One of the wonderful parts of hand dyeing with natural materials is the exciting and beautiful surprise when each piece is opened up to the air!

As with most plant dyed textiles, there are some areas of uneven tones.
This is to be expected and illustrates the nature of hand dyeing.
I've done my best to show the true natural shades of this scarf.
Please keep in mind that each computer monitor displays color in its' own way.

This naturally dyed scarf should be gently hand washed with mild soap or shampoo in cool water and line dried in the shade.
It may be carefully ironed with medium heat.