• nicotiana (flowering tobacco)
  • nicotiana  (flowering tobacco)
  • nicotiana  (flowering tobacco)
  • nicotiana  (flowering tobacco)
  • nicotiana  (flowering tobacco)

Nicotiana Seeds 150 Seeds Fragrant Mixed Colors Flowering Tobacco


Nicotiana are lovely old-fashioned plants that have delighted gardeners for generations.

These seeds come from a mix of nicotiana plants with white, lavender, light pink and rose flowers.

They grow up to three feet tall with branches full of flowers.

The tubular star shaped flowers open in the late afternoon and night, drooping a little in hot sunshine.

In cool, or cloudy weather they often stay open all day.

The delicate blossoms emit delicious perfume in the evening garden.

This listing is for 150+ seeds.

Nicotiana plants grow easily in average, well drained soil in locations with half to full sun.

The seeds are very tiny - almost like dust. They germinate in about 2 weeks and grow quickly.

Since the seeds are so small, it's best to sprinkle them sparingly on the surface of warm, moist soil. Keep the container in bright light.

Water by carefully misting or water from the bottom of the container to prevent dislodging the seeds.

I prefer to start the seeds early in pots or flats indoors and transplant the seedlings to larger containers as they grow, then to the garden once the weather has fully warmed.

Nicotiana plants will often reseed and new plants may come up each summer in undisturbed soil.

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