Naturally Dyed Silk Fabric Lightweight 5mm and 8mm Habotai Silk Fabrics 5 Pieces Pink Coral Rust 10"x 40"to 15x 48" Dyed with Madder Destash


These five, (5), pieces of habotai silk were hand dyed by me with madder roots .
Two of these silks are very lightweight 5 mm habotai silk. This fabric is very thin, and almost transparent when held up to the light, but shows the natural colors when folded or scrunched up.
Two pieces are medium weight, 8mm, habotai silk.
One has a slightly more defined weave.
The colors are hard to describe and photograph shades of pale pink, coral, and rust.

These fabrics range in size from approximately 10" x 40" to 15" x 48"."

In order to make a little space, I'm emptying the baskets and boxes of naturally dyed silks that have grown so full over the seasons.
*There are speckles, variations and mottling in the depth of color of these silk pieces.*

I've done my best to portray the true colors of this naturally dyed silk.
The colors seem to shift slightly depending on the light in which they are seen.
Please keep in mind that each monitor displays color in its' own way.

I recommend hand washing in cool water with mild soap and line drying in the shade to preserve the delicate luster and color of the silk.