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Madder, (Rubia tinctorium), is a wonderful dye plant that produces a huge range of gorgeous shades.
The possibilities include reds, pinks, coral, purples, salmon, peach, orange, gold and rust.
This plant has been used for centuries to dye silk, cotton, wool and linen.

This listing is for 10 fresh madder seeds.

It is quite hardy and easy to grow.
The main requirements are plenty of space, lots of sunshine, and well prepared, well drained soil,with some organic matter worked in.
This will ensure a healthy home for your madder roots, which need at least three years to fully develop.
Soaking the seeds in cool water for an hour before planting can help germination.
The seeds usually germinate about 2 to 3 weeks after planting.
They may be planted directly in the earth or started in small containers and transplanted to their permanent home.

The plants grow long, almost vine-like stems, circled by attractive pointed leaves. The stems and leaves are covered with slight Velcro - like prickles
In order to encourage lots of roots, these long stems should be gently pulled down to the ground and covered with soil.

After about three years, your madder roots should be thick enough to use for dyeing. Dig up part of your madder patch in the fall, cut off the spent top growth, ( this can be used for pale pink shades), and wash the roots. They can be used fresh or dried for later use.

In July lots of tiny yellowish star shaped flowers bloom.
These will sometimes form purple berries, which develop into dark purple-black seeds.
This listing is for 10 fresh madder seeds.

Although growing madder does require patience, it really is worth the wait . The colors from a madder root dye bath are very rich and beautiful.

(All of the seeds I offer on Etsy have been organically grown in my own backyard. Every photograph is taken by me in our garden.)
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