Indigo Shibori Ripple Blue and White Habotai Silk Scarf 10"x 56" Net Pattern with Speckles Lightweight Silk Scarf Natural Dye Plant Dye


This blue and white silk scarf was dyed by me with natural indigo.
The fabric is lightweight habotai silk.
This naturally dyed scarf measures approximately 10" x 56"

It was dyed in an beautiful wrapped and dyed shibori pattern.
The design is a bit like a net, or soft ripples of blue, dark along one edge, light along the other.
This is one of my favorite designs. Although I've used this technique many times, the result on each scarf or piece of fabric is completely unique.
One of the wonderful parts of hand dyeing with natural indigo is the exciting and beautiful surprise when each piece is opened up to the air!
*This scarf has lots of speckles of indigo blue.*

I've done my best to show the true natural shades of this scarf.
Please remember that each computer monitor displays color in its' own way.

This indigo dyed scarf should be gently hand washed with mild soap or shampoo in cool water and line dried to preserve the delicate texture and color.
It may be carefully ironed with medium heat.