Hemp/Silk Fabric Natural Plant Dye Madder Mottled Red and Rose Silk Hemp Fabric 23" x 52" Destash Hand Dyed Fabric


This piece of hemp/silk fabric was hand dyed by me with natural madder roots.
This interesting fabric is woven with lustrous, charmeuse silk on one side and strong hemp fiber on the reverse.
One piece was dyed with madder, resulting in a beautiful reddish-rust-rose shade on the silk side and a shade of muted rose on the hemp side.

This fabric measures approximately 23" x 52".

*There are speckles,spots, variations and mottling in the depth of color of this fabric.
*I've done my best to accurately portray the true natural shades of this silk.
*Depending on the light in which it is viewed, the color seems to shift slightly.
*Please remember that each computer monitor displays color in its' own way.

This fabric can be used in any textile art project that would benefit from beautiful, strong fabric and lovely, natural color.
I recommend hand washing in cool water with mild soap or shampoo and line drying in the shade to preserve the delicate luster and color of the silk.
Iron carefully with medium heat.
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