Hemp Organic Cotton Fabric Indigo Shibori Fabric Natural Plant Dye Hemp Cotton Fabric 54"x 92" Geometric Blue White Art Fabric


This piece of hemp/organic cotton fabric was hand dyed by me with natural indigo.
The fabric is a durable, beautiful blend of 65% hemp, and 35% organic cotton.
It is a medium weight woven hemp -organic cotton blend fabric - about 6.3 ounces per square yard.
This piece hemp blend fabric measures approximately 54"x 92".

I prepared this fabric for dyeing with a pleated and clamped technique.
It was then dipped multiple times in my indigo vat until an interesting light and medium blue and natural ivory-white pattern was achieved.
The resulting pattern is not uniform. There are areas of stronger and fainter blue. I think that the patterning on the edges of the fabric is the most interesting part of the design.
I've done my best to show the true indigo blue and ivory white shades of this fabric.
Please remember that every computer monitor displays color in its' own way.

These fabrics would provide loads of material for your art and sewing projects.It can be used to make curtains, pillows, tote bags, purses, wall hangings, quilts, outerwear, place-mats, tablecloths, a bedspread, or any project that requires beautiful naturally dyed, durable fabric.
Some of my dear Etsy customers have used similar lengths of hemp/cotton fabric for table cloths, draperies, pillows and even a wedding chuppa.
I've used this material to make strong and beautiful market bags.

Wash gently with mild soap in cool water. Line dry or tumble dry.
Iron while damp.
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