• four o'clock seeds
  • four o'clock seeds
  • four o'clock seeds
  • four o'clock seeds
  • four o'clock seeds

Four o' Clock Seeds 25 SeedsFragrant Afternoon Flowers Mirabilis Jalapa Seed Mixed Colors Pink White Yellow Old Fashioned Garden


These lovely old-fashioned plants have enchanted gardeners for generations.

The flowers open late in the day, (often around 4 o'clock), hence the name.

They remain open through the late afternoon and night, closing again in the morning.

In cool, or cloudy weather they often stay open all day.

Each delicate blossom emits a drop of sweet perfume to the evening garden.

These seeds come from a mix of yellow, white and light pink and rose flowers.

The plants grow up to three feet tall and given enough space, they get very bushy.

Four o' clocks are very easy to grow in average soil in locations with half to full sun.

This listing is for 25+ seeds.

Four o 'clocks will reseed generously and you can easily collect the seeds to share with others.

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