Cotton Velveteen Fabric Scraps Natural Dyes 7 Pieces Indigo Blue Goldenrod Yellow Madder Peach Walnut Tan Shibori Logwood Purple and White


These 7 naturally dyed cotton velveteen pieces were hand dyed by me with natural plant dyes.

*The darkest blue piece was dyed with indigo and measures about 20" x 20".
*The yellow piece was dyed with goldenrod flowers. This piece has several thin streaks of pale blue. It measures approximately 13" x 25".
*The palest blue piece was dyed with indigo. It measures about 10" x 25"
*The light gray- tan piece was dyed with walnut hulls. It measures approximately 14" x 26".
*The light blue piece was dyed with indigo. It measures about 13" x 26"
*The peach-pink piece was dyed with madder roots. This piece has very mottled color. It measures about 10" x 26".
*The muted purple, brown and white shibori piece was dyed with logwood chips. It measures about 20" x 20".

Cotton velveteen is firmly woven and sturdy, with a lower nap, and less pile and shine than regular cotton velvet.

*These fabric pieces are not uniform in tone. There are variations, unevenness, and some mottling in the colors.*
I've done my best to portray the true colors of these naturally dyed fabrics.
Please keep in mind that each monitor displays color in its' own way.
I recommend hand washing in cold water with mild soap. Line dry in the shade. This will preserve the depth of the natural colors.
Iron while damp on the back side with medium heat.
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